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I keep on reporting a page that calls for murder and violence in general towards people of an alternative spiritual path. I happen to be one of the people from that spiritual path.

Regardless of anyone's preconceived notions about anybody else's religion, normalizing violence is absolutely against your policies. This is a clear and obvious case of unacceptable hate speech, no matter how ridiculous or obviously dumb the person doing it is. This is a real and completely unironic threat against people who are pagan, and I do not accept the reply of it not being against your terms and services. Hate speech and a call towards violence of people of any group is absolutely against your terms and policies.

It's easily proven. If you like, I could take a screen capture of your terms and policies, and highlight the section applicable. I have taken screenshots of these threats of death and violence in general, I have circled the parts pertaining to violence and murder of me and my brethren, and I am more than happy to show you them. Regardless of whatever preconceived notions you have abouts this post or the pictures I have loaded, this definitely normalizes violence towards people like me.

There is a lot more violence in this world towards people like me than what you know, and if this one small battle is all I have, then I will fight this battle.

I will die on this hill if necessary. Please follow the terms of your own service, and stop hate speech and calls towards violence.

User's recommendation: If you are not christian, you might want to not use Facebook at all, unless it is important for your business such as in my case.

Preferred solution: I would like you to remove any page that calls for mass murder based on es religion or spiritual practice.

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