On October 9, my Facebook account was suspended at 6 to 7 pm Philippine time.

I tried to raise the dispute and it was only on October 12 I was asked to submit an ID to prove my identity.

Until now I have not heard anything on this dispute.

My Facebook account is linked to my business suite which handles my veterinary practice Vets on the Block Pet Clinic. That service has been deactivated together with messenger.

At the same my Instagram account.

I dont understand the violation that I have committed as I am not furnished the details of the said complaint. My FB account has remained as professional as it should be because it is my personal and public profile related to the works I do as a veterinarian, government servant and consultants to several International and local NGOs.

Earlier this afternoon I was notified by my bank that a transaction was charged to my credit card amounting to PhP 12,254.00 at around 12:24 pm. These transaction was made by Facebook. I have not made any transactions to such an amount.

Moreover I have no access to my FB account since Saturday evening.

So how did it happen and why is my credit card being accessed at the time that my account has been suspended.

I hope that you can look into this matter. My bank has initiated an investigation to this fraudulent transaction and I am being advised to notify you of this situation as well.

Looking forward to hear from you on the concerns I have raised above.

Location: Quezon City, Manila

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