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Dear Team Facebook,

Good evening.

My name is Ike Chioma and I have been an active user of Facebook until 25th January, 2022 when I was suddenly logged out. I tried to login again but an error message popped up to inform me that I am using an old password.

I then started receiving calls from my facebook friends who informed me that some "hackers-related message was posted on my Facebook status . I tried to use phone number/ email address to recover it but the hackers have changed the phone number and email address. They even linked my email address to another facebook account with the name "Rejoice Damulak".

I have told my facebook friends to report to Facebook Team that my account has been hacked.

Kindly assist me to recover my account from those NOTORIOUS HACKERS and disable my email address which has been linked to another facebook account with the name "Rejoice Damulak".

My Facebook name is Ike Chioma. My

phone number linked to my Account before it was hacked is: 234806****432

Attached to this email is my means of Identification.

I hope and pray that my request is granted


Facebook Pros: Business is on there & customers find me on facebook, Hacking privacy.

Facebook Cons: No way to get in touch with customer service.

Location: Lagos, Lagos

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