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After being harassed for days by an individual using a fake or hacked account pretending to be someone I went to school with I made a post letting everyone know what was going on. My post was flagged for bullying after which, I had it review and it was overturned in my favor, yet my account had been restricted again because that post as well as two other post that had also been reviewed and overturned in my favor had somehow been added back to my account as violations.

I reached out numerous times throughout my suspension in order to fix my account yet all support requests had been dismissed. During the final 24 hours of my suspension, an additional 24 hours were tacked 9nt9 my suspension, presumably because I had gotten whoever responsible for my suspension in trouble.

My group suspension remained in effect for 3 days after my profile suspension was lifted. I reached out to Facebooks HR department and requested that the employee responsible for the harrassment be investigated and delt with accordingly as well as an apology letter be mailed out.

User's recommendation: Not if the employee continue to act professionally.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Facebook Pros: Good place to chat with friends and family, Being able to sell online, Keep in touch friends and family, Reach out to family n friends, Sports.

Facebook Cons: Bad online support, Customer support, Market place sales, No redress for hacked accounts, Not able to correct a problem and not able to customer support.

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