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am reporting a fake person named Kouassi Orné. This person has sent me a friend request which i answer her and she kept sending me messages days and nights like hello!

How are you doing? And finally i started chatting with her. We ended up talking on video chat in messenger. I remember i told her good bye but i didn't know if i didn't turn off my video until i received a picture and a video of myself being naked and masturbating.

A Dude named Isac Dosanou have been threatened me to send him money all the way to Benin, Africa or else he will exposed my nudity on social media. He even said if i permanently close my Facebook page, he will create another one in my name. When i did my research on his phone number, i found out that's a business but no name. I got his name as he sent it to me to send him money through RIA but on Facebook the name is Kouassi Orné who told me that she was 38, she had 2 kids and she was divorced.

I'm sending this email to seek help and i express my sincere gratitude for taking this message into consideration.

They already sent the video twice to Vimeo. I had to email Vimeo to take it down

Preferred solution: Facebook security.

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