Hello sir,

how are you!

Hope you are doing well. Sir my group got disabled on 22-10-20.

I didn't know much about the rules about thr polices.

one of my group member posted something that went against your policies and that's why my group got disabled. Right after getting disabled i requested to review it, I also attached the screenshots as proof. in review response your team asked me to wait that they're working on it. But sir many times i requested for it and got the same feedback all the time.

sir 2 month ago, in your last feedback you told me that this issue taking more time as usual, so we will check this again. sir i want you to know that this group is everything to me. I worked day and night to build this large community. I don't wanna lose this big group because of one mistake made by one member.

Even i have no access to group support button. Sir on the closing date of this group i had 242k members and now there are 238k. Sir i also wanna know that why my group members are dwindling?...no one is able to see the group except the group admin so why group members are decreasing.

I also noticed that my profile and page follower are decreasing...sir why this is happening with me?

Sir please recover my group and give me last warning so if i made mistake again then do what ever is right to do. Its my humble request to all of you.

My profile link: https://web.facebook.com/HRsuccess

Group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/313153****92020/

Please please please help me

Location: Lahore, Punjab Province

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