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You simply get a recording, and you are not able to speak to a representative for customer service.

I used my husband's credit card to donate to a charitable organization, after that donation was made Facebook took my husband's credit card number and made it a part of my Facebook account. You had no jurisdiction or approval for this transaction, I want that credit card removed from the Facebook account immediately.

This type of action is not acceptable by any means, my trust inFacebook does not allow you to take my private information and use it in any way that is more profitable for you and the company. If you have not asked for my permission or even explain to me why you were doing this, it is totally unacceptable, But you demanded me to put in 100 words and these are my words.

User's recommendation: Give them human connection. Why does everything have to be done via computer, this does not allow real connection or understanding of the facts. There are so many unemployed people in America, help take care of the issue.

Preferred solution: The account ending in 7001 removed from my current at..

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