This is the 3rd time I've tried to contact you about the issue of scam sellers on fb. Do you even regulate or take any notice of these people who are constantly bombarding the timelines with scam advertisements?

Or do you ignore it because you want the money to keep rolling in from them? They are advertising goods then when they arrive they are nothing like what youve ordered. Scamming you out of your hard earned money. Then when you complain to the company about it you get nowhere.

3 times ive ended up with it happening and twice my husband.

You need to look at this and put a stop to it as your aiding scamming on your social media site! Not happy about it and you should be doing more as a big company to put a stop to scamming and your not!!!

Facebook Pros: Con advertisers, Meeting some nice people.

Facebook Cons: Service and support sucks to the extreme, Do not respond, How do consumers actually talk to legitimate fb employee.

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