I tried to call you but there isnt any number that will connect me with customer support. There is a listing on Marketplace that is a scam.

It is a 2008 Airstream Ocean Breeze selling for $1000. The seller has changed from two women to a seller called SnazzyNapper. I contacted the woman who originally was listed as the seller about 30 days ago. She responded that she was selling it for her sister and I then got in touch via email with that woman.

They story she gave me was that the price was so cheap because it reminded her of her late husband. She was located in another state and said I could pay for it on Ebay and she would have it shipped to me. That item is not on Ebay that I could find. These campers sell for $15,000+ .

I could not take a screen shot of the sellers listing on my Ipad mini. I am confident you can find it.

These people are trying to swingle someone out of at least $1000. I trust you will take action to deal with this fraud.

User's recommendation: Do no contact sellers that are pricing products very low.

Location: Mechanicsville, Virginia

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