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Facebook I have used your app for many years now and Ive bought many things on Facebook but now Ive been scammed a few times. 2 times this week.

You need to protect your customers and people who use the app how its intended. My rights get easily violated got scammed out of $400 for a ps5. I sent it to him and he hasnt sent me a code or anything and I sent him the money on Tuesday also I bought a iPhone 12 in exchange for my goods and he did find my iPhone and left the chat. So now its locked and I cant get ahold of both of these guys and this is upwards of $800 and Im 17 years old, high schooler.

I dont really have time to *** with people who arent honest and its really getting to be more and more people everyday. This was my first time trying to get something delivered (ps5) and its also my last.

User's recommendation: Don’t buy from Facebook.

Facebook Cons: Security is a big concern, Nobody is honest on the app.

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