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I was Contacted by someone by the name Hazel Harris who stated

"Its Major EbT pandemic benefits Company, they trade all electronic gift cards or cash app funds to Bitcoin and they need more than $25,000 daily. So they giving out basically free money and using it as a tax write off before tax seasons to be eligible for certain tax breaks as a Fortune500 company.

They dont really lose because they get most of the money back during tax time by writing it off as charity expense They doing this to help people, and have those same people help promote the brand while getting paid to do"

They said all I need to do is buy $100 in Bitcoin & they would send me $2,500 through Cashapp. Then they asked for my login information for Facebook.

Being that I am not stupid I refused & blocked them. I am contacting you today to inform your campany that this is going on so you may take the proper action to research and possibly end this problem.

Thank You



Preferred solution: I would like to see Facebook take more of a visible action to stop people like this from getting to others who may not understand or may be at risk for falling for these scams..

Facebook Pros: Being able to talk to friends and family.

Facebook Cons: No support to get my facebook up and back, Arrogant attitude concerning customers.

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