You have someone on Facebook posing as people that are not yourself making other people think that he is the person that he is holding a acting like there's a grand affair give me out free Financial in this man has taken over my account my family's account to where we can't even get into our accounts I blame this on Facebook you're protecting your scammer not protecting people on Facebook like you utilize it for the right purposes you guys are responsible for this he continues to do this to this day where we can't even access our Facebook page and that's not even right he's taking it over and you're allowing it and then you don't even have access to huge help us we got to go through this stupid house process that's what you got me going through at this point I will let everybody know that Facebook is not protect the people that is on it and protects the scammer y'all need to do something about this immediately

User's recommendation: Facebook protects scammers.

Preferred solution: Stop them.

Facebook Pros: Pictures and friends.

Facebook Cons: Lack adequate security.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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