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My account has been getting hacked by my stalker for over 2 years now!!!!! I have to keep making new accounts, and after endless emails sent to Facebook, nothing has been done to resolve this issue!

How is it stated in their policy to be all about safety and protection but in actuality they are completely incompetent when it comes down it?

You have allowed my stalker (Ex who is an IT wiz) to bypass your joke of a security measure (2 factor authentication). Whenever I send an email to your support team, I get the same exact copy and paste response EVERYTIME. What a joke!

I will be seeking legal action, as I am now concerned about my safety.

Not just on Facebook but in reality!!!

All because you, Facebook Security Team, cannot actually do your job. Which in case you forgot, is to actually protect your consumers and our private information!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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