Dear Facebook authority,

My name is Sifat Rhaman , from Rajshahi-Chapainawabganj Bangladesh. I am a real user of Facebook.

For about 27 April 2000 years, I have been using this Facebook account. But today suddenly the account has been disabled. I don't understand why the account was disabled. To the best of my knowledge, I wasnt involved in any kind of deeds against the Facebook Community Standard.

Maybe some jealous people who didnt like me and my good deeds reported against my account. Trust me, I wasnt involved in any kind of terrorism or bad work.

However, if I did any kind of wrong, please forgive me and return my most valuable account.

I am giving some important information about my most valuable Facebook Account.

1. Account Name: Sifat Rhaman

2. Gender: male


Birth Day: 27 April 2000

4. Email Address: Sifatbangladesh1971@***.com

I hope that Facebook authority will make my most valuable Facebook Account accessible to me.


Sifat Rhaman

Rajshahi-Chapainawabganj , Bangladesh.

Location: Rajshahi, Rajshahi Division

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