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When I go to my home page or fan page I they put a huge *** advertisement on my facebook wall which I think is annoying.Please get rid of this problem. I think it is wrong for facebook to do this because there are families on the site that use it for work.

Also they show a video of a couple sagging each other in video. You don't have to click on anything it pays right for you.

I want this problem taken care of so that people can enjoy the site.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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they make advertisements on Facebook. at least the site is free. just ignore the advertisements and get over yourself.


here's a fun fact: a lot, if not most, of the ads you see on your sidebar on facebook are generated based on the cookies in your browser history. you looked up wedding dresses?

you'll get wedding ads. looked up a certain tv show? you'll get ads on where to watch it for free. looked up *** and nastiness?

you'll get awful, smutty and nasty ads.

just keep that in mind. :)


What concerns me the most is their new format, which many hate. Free or not.

Why have it and not listen to complaints?

Don't think the above comments were warranted by the other two 'genius's'!


I pay 0.00 a month for Facebook. These advertisements are an outrage!!!


How do you think Facebook makes money to keep it free? Advertisements genius!

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