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This is by far the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with there has been absolutely no help to resolve my situation and since this is a way for me to help my business grow I'm steadily losing customers. And because someone hacked my account and I had to change my password you all want someone to jump through a thousand hoops to prove this is there account I've sent a photo I'd what more info do you all need I sent my photo you all sent a login code that I can see or find so please once you all receive this message please give me a call or send an email and please provide the service that is stated in the terms thank you to who may take the time to read this and be that one person to help resolve this matter.

User's recommendation: On the phone customer support much faster and easier.

Facebook Pros: Connecting people with your business, Building personal and business connections.

Facebook Cons: Hard to contact facebook, No contact phone number to speak to a human, No help when being hacked or scammed.

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I send lot of mail but my problem was not solve

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