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Whoever hacked my Facebook account changed my email and phone number that was link to my Facebook account its been 3 to 4 days since I had asked for help with my account Facebook keeps sending me new code/ password to get back into my account but its not working out good every time Facebook send out a new code I have keep verifying my ID and I keep on uploading my ID info nothing I have all my apps link up to my Facebook account I cant do nothing my PayPal is linked to my Facebook account PayPal had called me because whoever hacked my Facebook account is trying to hacked my PayPal plus my Instagram is linked to my Facebook account like they have all my info thats scary plus made a fake page to pretend like its me my friends and family told that somebody had made a fake page with my info

User's recommendation: If somebody Facebook page get hacked we should be able to call a number that work so we can get back into our account fast without somebody stealing our information or identity.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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