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All right I let somebody log into my Facebook I sent them the code on my from my Gmail now they won't let me they won't give me back the one that they made up dinner password that they made up so I can sign it to mine my Facebook again so so they can use it for themselves because I'm pretty sure that that money did something bad on you at all on their Facebook account at one time and they got ripped off and that's why they want the videos of mind you know but I want my Facebook back and I've been trying to reset my password and everything else I got I haven't been writing pad so I can write the passwords down and everything and she's with man they don't even want to time it comes right to my gmail address I mean what what more proof do you need that and that is me and I'll I mean she's the one that she got my login information from me sending her Dakota information so she can login now I just want my *** Facebook back at home either that or I want to shut up shut right off so she can't get on you I got a thing is I got sentimental pictures on him my my mother father to baby brother passed away and I have all the pictures when I get home and I guess that's what like that doesn't understand *** in like like just I guess I figured you must be a because she doesn't the it all care about him what she's telling me to make a new Facebook account up now I thought I said what just use one of my old Facebook account but I want my Facebook account back well anyhow she's telling me you make my new Facebook account I want this one I don't know I got pictures on your *** all she does all I'll send you the all your pictures I said no you're not going to send me the pic I got all my family on there and everything else you know they're not going to do this crap is this you know that's my Facebook account I want it I don't know yet there's so many other things all together I don't know if there's other things out there that you know what the hell's going on here how do you send things in back so if there's any way you can help me please I would appreciate it

Facebook Pros: Good if you could reach a person to solve an issue like this.

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