2 weeks ago I responded to an article about a guy beating a poor dog and smashing the dogs skull. I responded with the guy needs his head bashed in for doing that.

I received 7 days in Facebook jail. The same day I get out of Facebook jail I wrote I am out of Facebook jail 7 days. Someone asked me why I was in Facebook jail. My response was I was in Facebook jail for responding to an article about a man bashing dogs skull in.

I said that guy needs his skull bashed in. Then Facebook comes back with now you have 30 days. That is totally and utterly stupid. Facebook needs to actually read the damn posts before judging.

So now because Facebook has me 30 days for absolutely nothing wrong I have no contact with my family. Facebook needs to unlock my Facebook account now.

You people allow showing videos of animal abuse but if we say something you react with it goes against our policy. Totally stupid Facebook.

User's recommendation: If you get Facebook don't forget you don't have freedom of speech.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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