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I still have not been able to recover my Facebook or Instagram. I have lost so far all my of my pictures that were on Facebook.

I'm extremely upset!!! Some pictures are from when my kids were babies, I was able to download a few before this happen, but not many . I would like all my photos and a huge apology. For Facebook locking me out, this issue had nothing to do with me.

I was not the person who hacked my own account while sleeping!!! I'm living in the U.S. and here my account is being hacked from France, someone hacking my account and plastering *** all over my page at 3 a.m. I think Facebook def needs to reconfigure how they deal with situations, I couldn't even get back on my account to let Facebook know that all this doing was not me.

Facebook had already locked me out and erased my page, my friends since have tried looking up my old account and said Facebook took me off completely. So Facebook therefore is lying to me and telling me I was banned for 3 days, not quite Facebook you took me off completely!!!! For something I didn't even do !!!!!!! Facebook used making it look like I shared *** on my page instead of reality the reality is Facebook didn't like my political views for many months before, so they decided to silence ME !

And as a patriot, I know this. FASCIST Facebook better stop their communism pushed agenda, because we the people are starting to get pissed. Facebook is going to find themselves having more and more issues and less and less money if they keep this *** up!!!

Facebook give me my personal property back the pictures of MY FAMILY!

And a handwritten letter from Zuckerberg himself apologizing to me because this in the real world can end up in court for Defamation of character.

Thank you another pissed off Facebook user for our freedom of speech and freedoms being taken and is being silenced!!!! We won't take it anymore!!!!!

User's recommendation: Speak up you have a voice let your anger be known!!! 7.

Preferred solution: Apology and all my pictures sent to me from my old account ! .

Facebook Pros: Facebook is good until they delete your page.

Facebook Cons: No contact information, Hacked and disabled.

Location: Springfield, Tennessee

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