Someone hacked my Facebook account ..I have done uploaded my driver's license about 10 times . They have let me change the password but still can't get into my account .

Who ever hacked me .added a new email address also took mine off. Had to try to fix that too . Got my email back on my account but can't get into my account now it is telling me that I need to use the two step verification process BUT IN ORDER TO DO THAT ..I HAVE TO BE SIGNED IN TO MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT ..I can't get into my account . There is no way to speak to someone either like a real life person to help me .

I did manage to get the EMAIL ADDRESS THAT THE HACKER ADDED TO MY ACCOUNT .. but that don't help me either ..

so completely upset .. have no idea what more the Facebook wants from me I still can't get on my Facebook

User's recommendation: don't use Facebook.

Location: Yakima, Washington

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