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Hi could you please help me to get back my FB Account back as someone hacked my account and changed my password for my account and email address for reset to theirs email which i dont have any access to my Account to reset my password.

i have my FB Account as my nick name Alex murtz

my original name is Ali Murtaza

they hacked my account on Friday afternoon and changed the password and email for the back up.

i cannot log in or secure my account unless the Facebook team can help with it to get my account back.

i have reported couple of times still no one got responded to email or complaint.

i have made my account on 2009 i guess

its Alex murtz and made my account with this email from day one that i made it. Aliomid@***

i have my profile picture topless photo on holiday which i took that pic in summer 2021 july in Ibiza Spain

and cover photo a picture of me in the gym with red vest on .

could someone help me to get access to my account please. :(

thank you Ali

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