My name is Shayla Soldan. I have experienced my Facebook being hacked today.

It happened around 930 this morning. (1/17/22). I have tried all of the things Facebook has asked me to do to recover my Facebook but because the person who hacked my Facebook changed my email to theirs, my phone number to theirs, and of course my password, I have no way of getting into my account or recovering it. I have created a new Facebook today to try and troubleshoot through Facebook since I couldnt access mine but it is not working either.

I would like to be able to access my old Facebook. My username used to be Shayla.Soldan@***.com and my password was Jordan12!$&. I really hope that I am able to resolve this quickly. I communicate with a lot of people through Facebook.

My URL used to be Facebook.com/shaytsol12.

My birthday is 11/12/1993. Im not sure of anyway more information that you need but Im hoping to get this resolved.

Location: Marion, Indiana

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