I have tried to get on my account and you are not reachable i have been being scammed by someone for a week under the name nathan wiliis I reported him to you today he went to another level today took over my account i can not get in my account and he is impersonating me and demanding money from me to get it back 200.00 the rest if the scam he has been working through your platform all along. I have been trying to reach you but you will not answer your phone what if this is an emergency i have all friends reporting my account i am losing business and being threatened and all i can do is type t type to you.

zi am scare I am being threatened and i am shaking. My business and ivelihood is on the line and I can not do anything and you wont help what are here for.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: i want my account back i am loosing money and y reputation and have not slept all night i am being blackmailed and they do not care.

Location: Rochester, New Hampshire

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