Someone stole my identity on Facebook changed all of The Password's phone number emails emails to now all my accounts that my Facebook has been linked. We had to close out all of our credit card accounts and debit card accounts credit card accounts because they're all linked and and she's been spending money.

There is no one at Facebook to contact!!!! When you try to do the identity recovery it doesn't even show my names numbers anything as me having a Facebook account yet my face is in my pictures on my Facebook account. Along with this *** from Hong-Kong who lives in Lakeland Florida supposedly. I would never have linked all of my Facebook accounts if if I had known there was no one there to help me out when I have a *** problem.

This happened a few days before Christmas and here we are a few days after new years and we're still *** with it. And you *** at Facebook wanted to try meta get *** I'm sorry I'm getting so nasty but my brother was killed in Afghanistan in 2008 and I cannot get those pictures back... Unless I can get onto my Facebook we have been through 2 natural disasters now and I have no pictures from 2008 they are all on Facebook. I actually went on TikTok this week to find a hacker to help me get my Facebook back because there's nobody at Facebook to help.

And now I also have a $400 paperweight called an oculus which was also linked to my Facebook I bought a spend over $500 in oculus online and now they can't do anything about it till I get my Facebook back which there's no one to get my Facebook. With today's advancements, you think you people could actually help!!! actually help somebody who is needing assistance. Like I'm said I'm frustrated because I have been eating emailing everyone on Facebook the security, Customer complaints, support, the *** line for the police that we can call still nothing.

I don't know what else to do, and I am So sad that a veteran can't get the pictures back from the brother she lost to the military as well. Thanks a lot Facebook from one VERY disappointed customer.

Also the 2 pictures I have attached are of my Facebook with her face on it the 2nd one I attached I changed a profile picture from my Instagram that still attached and I changed the pic to myself. If any of that's gonna matter.

User's recommendation: Don't link your Facebook with any other accounts you have because if you get hacked there's NO ONE to help.

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