On Tuesday, March 1, I gave my phone number out on messenger to a Facebook friend who had been hacked. My Facebook account was immediately taken over by the hacker.

My primary email was changed and my password was immediately changed. I am completely locked out and have been trying for days to get help. The hacker has been active on messenger and asking my Facebook friends to give them their phone number. I have the hackers email and can forward.

This was sent to me from Facebook when the culprit took over my account.

I have written to disabled@***.com about my situation but no response. As of today March 8th I have been contacting my friends through text messages telling them to unfriend me and report to Facebook some one is impersonating me.

Please help.

Sent from my iPhone

User's recommendation: Don’t trust anyone on messenger asking for information.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Pros: Contact friends from all over.

Facebook Cons: Stolen account a hacker.

Location: Belleville, Illinois

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