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Someone is reporting my page for copyright infringement.

I use Facebook business to advertise, as social media is the largest platform to reach as many consumers as possible.

All the work I post is my own and I have permission from every person whose picture I post.

I clicked the link in the email I got, and I have no options or ways to fight the deletion process, I have called and apparently you dont deal with customer support needs via telephone? Why the heck do you have a customer support line if you dont deal with customer support scenarios, that makes absolutely no sense.

I am not sure who is reporting my page or WHY, but I am absolutely infuriated because Facebook cant employ people who troubleshoot and deal with fraudulent reports.

This is my CAREER, the income I use to support and feed my kids, it is absolutely ridiculous of Facebook to not undergo its own investigation of whether or not something is worthy of being reported for infringement.

I have done absolutely nothing to deserve this, and nobody is willing to be an actual customer support rep and help me understand why or how this happened. Truly, and genuinely dissatisfied and disappointed.

Preferred solution: I want my business page OUT OF THE DELETION PROCESS and and an explanation of WHO is reporting my page and WHY..

Location: Holly, Michigan

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