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In 2016 Mr. Abdishakur had a secret affair with Anisa Rashid while serving as Dela MCA. They hooked up together both in Nairobi and Wajir, the MCA would sometimes travel to Nairobi with her, book a hotel and stay for week with his secret side chick (Anisa).

Months before the 2017 elections Anisa proposed a marriage plan to ABDISHAKUR, little did she know that the MCA was just out to use her but had no plans to marry her because he was privy to her drug abuse behavior. The Ex-MCA was finding it hard to escape from his sex machine without any information about their leaking out to the public. Anisa threatened to expose the MCA claiming she was pregnant for him.

In a desperate move to cool down things ABDISHAKUR gave a whooping 150K to Anisa to settle down her anger and abort the fake pregnancy. The MCA had already orchestrated a plan to have Anisa Binti Rashid video-taped while chewing Mirra/Khat using a close friend of her and wife to the current Lakole-Basir ward MCA. Within a month the Ex-MCA had a high definition video of Anisa in the middle of a Marqaan session. He was happy that his plan worked well and sent 50K to the originator of the explosive video. At this time the Ex-MCA had already parted ways with his wife Hafsa out stress and unending fear of getting exposed.

Having no wife the MCA kept on using ANISA as his sex machine. ABDISHAKUR finally proposed to marry a young girl by the name QAMAR. This is where all *** broke-loose for the Sultan's daughter and started to threaten to expose the secret affair between her the Ex-MCA. She was answered by the Explosive video sent to her via WhatsApp by the ABDISHAKUR. Distressed pleaded not leak the video and promised to conceal their secret affair, at this point ABDISHAKUR saw an opportunity to keep on using Anisa Rashid forever.

The Ex-MCA now buys her Mirra/Khat, pays her rent in Nairobi and spends in her place in South B, Nairobi most of the time while in Nairobi. How does it feel to used by a man for more than five years while age is catching up with you and menopause is sending signals. Ceebey Tacaal.

User's recommendation: I want to know who is this.

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