I have 2 accounts Anna Freiberg and Starr Monroe. My Starr account got hacked first that's the one with the logo..

I didn't put that logo as my picture the hacker did. I can't get into that account because they changed my information to there information (email and phone number). Then my Anna Freibert account got hacked and now I can't get into that one either. So NO I haven't been on my account in weeks!! I did get logged into my Anna account 1 time for 1 day in the past couple weeks but since then I haven't been able to log on to Facebook at all or of course messenger. I don't know what I have to do to fix this I've sent my ID and video of my face so many times I've literally lost count, I've called Facebook and of course I can't speak to a live person for this type of problem which is TOTAL *** If you ask me (I mean if yall are short staffed in this area maybe I can do it lol but for real though!! There needs to be someone there on your end to help the REAL people that need help retrieving their account because this *** right here!!) sooooo what else do I need to do so this problem can get solved?? Call me? Call you? DO I make a new account and lose all my shit..and still have someone in control of my other *** so they can keep pretending to be me? This person has went so far to even talk to my people on messenger on my Starr Account....how do I know?...my people called me talking about a conversation "we" had on facebook & I said buddy that wasn't me my account got hacked & they were so confused looking....I had to say over and over again I literally have no freaking clue what your talking about because I haven't been on Facebook in like a week and they were like "WOW!! REALLY? who was I talking to then!" My reply was "Homie, your guess is as good as mine I have nooooo idea! I've contacted Facebook so we'll see what happens"...

Im so sick of getting hacked (it all started a very long time ago...nearly 20+ years ago), other people trying to be ME online and in real life!! I feel like sometimes that people are trying to take over my *** because their plotting to do something bad to me so a clone can take my spot & don't want anyone to Know *** or maybe their trying to protect me I HAVE NO IDEA!!

PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS PROBLEM so therefore I can have contact with people again!?!?!

It's much appreciated for you taking your time out to read this and hopefully we can work together to fix this and make Facebook just a little better!!

Have a blessed day,

Anna Freibert aka


PS. I'm in EST just to let you know but other than that y'all can call me 9am-9pm!

User's recommendation: Hopefully they don't have this problem.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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