Hello, Facebook My real name is (Lai Mingwei) and my Facebook name is (Lai Xiaowei) My account is cm3030cm@***.com.tw Also my mailbox I used the post in the club because of the promotion of the car loan article, I did not use illegal articles, no guns, no drugs, pure advertising, my account is locked, can you help me unlock it, I have used it for several years A lot of information and memories, it is not a fake account. I use the app to review it.

Only when it shows (review requested), I will not let me use it. I apologize to you. I will not send advertising articles next time. I cant solve the problem after three weeks.

I have to send a letter from Taiwan to the company. I hope you can help me. I am really helpless. I am very sorry.

I have a fan page. Now this is the situation. The amount of the page is still being deducted, and I have paid normally, but now the account is locked and I cannot log in for processing Please help me. Im sorry.

I will not violate the rules again. Please help from your company. I have a new account and I want to try to contact you, but I cant find a way. It may affect my IP, but I will delete all the new accounts.

Concentrate on using one, can you solve it for me, please, sorry I'm very sorry that my English translation is not very good Attach my certificate to you for review. This is me

Location: Taichung, Taichung City

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