I am writing because my account was disabled for a photo I shared about a quote from the Nuremberg Trials. I do not feel as though a quote is against TOS or a photo of the Nazi leader is against TOS that it was found on because I am not promoting the *** I am saying this is how they operated.

I also had put a frame on my photo that Facebook approved that I thought was funny as I am not an extremist or a violent person. I am unable to use the help portal or download my information. I feel like I am being harassed by a staff member there who keeps making up accounts to flag my content because I had denied a fake profile before I had been disabled. How is this fair treatment?

I have been put on many bans for swearing.

I see worse content in other groups that other people post. I do not feel as though I am being treated fairly at all.

Location: Marshfield, Wisconsin

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