How dare facebook send me a email telling me my facebook pw was changed on 11/29. I and check it, and then FB shut it down saying I timed out. I thought that was strange, then try sign in and told me use my new fb pw. I tried to use the I forgot my password and they had me put my phone # and added to somebody name Shiann Delcuz get that fake page from attached to my phone # .. Then put my second personal em on file with a page Princess Phillips I want my em removed from that fake *** page.

Then FB had the *** nerve to send me an em from there business office tell me abt the name Renee Horton is tied to ads wtf are they talking abt I don't have no business and never use any ads on fb, actually I barely us fb. They have stolen pictures of my family and myself since 2009 when I join this *** . I don't never have use fb again just send me back my pics to my em.

They *** crazy they letting racist hate sprew all over facebook and take my page with a fake *** reason. Send me my pictures

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Location: Lansing, Michigan

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