I`ve encountered a nasty problem as of last night- i have been locked out of my facebook and instagram accounts. They managed to change the main email adress to both of them.

I still have access to my email-to which i changed the password etc. When i tried to access mail " Your facebook email adress was changed" and went on that link for stoping that from happening, i added a picture of my ID(actually multiple times). Afterwards i received an email with a link from Facebook to secure my account. That leads to sending a code to my new main email adress i just added AND to the one THE HACKER added.

Every time i try to add the code it says that I`ve added it too many times and that I should wait, when I clearly tried and didn`t work adding it even once( probably the hacker). I have asked coworkers to report my account- you should probably be able to see that. I need my identity back.

Each of the solutions provided by Facebook lead back, like a VICIOUS CIRCLE, to that page where i send myself and the hacker a code.(I`m not even getting the code anymore). Looking forward to getting an answer from you, thanks!

Location: Iasi, Iasi

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