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Yall ain't worth a *** over there at fb. Yall so quick to remove a post or ban a mfer for some bs.

Yall sitting there and watching a mfer take my page and all the videos and pics of my children that I can't get back. Let him try to extort me. Then have the audacity to look at that profile and tell me this person isn't lying about who they say they are. Read the *** messages this guy sent me.

Asking for money to get my profile back. Now he has a picture of a girl on the page and still has a few videos of me and my kids. I lost my daughter and the only memories I had of her were on that page. The last videos I had of her were on that page.

Yall are technology and couldn't even help me salvage what little I had. So thanks for nothing

Location: Stockton, California

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I am trying to figure out a way to get my and my grandson's XBox account reactivated. My grandson died of a terrible cancer and there are things on there that I paid for and want.

We used to play Rockband together and I bought a ton of songs that I would like to have.

I'm the weird nana who was kept young by the love of her grandson. So far all I've been about to get is a rather snotty round-robin type of customer service that cuts me off when my problem doesn't fit their very narrow list of problems.

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