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i am stuck on my FB Account for 2 Months i keep sending reports for my problem on FB and no one help me i call and also no operator to help me .Why is like this ??? When i try to log in on my Account its show one snall windows with security checks butbits marked with my old number that nimber its OLD AND NOT EXIST ANYMORE that operator who owns that kind of Phone numbers its not here anymore in my country for 9 Months i forgot to change but now i dobt have orher optiob to rwmove or to add nea nimber i cant go ob setting and change because i have just that old number and continue when i go continue i cant get that 6 digit code because number its not exist itsnot working and what i suppose to do to give up and leave my accoubt since 2008 and i have memories and everhing important ob that ??And no obe from Fb Team doesnt give Sh...t about customers.

Preferred solution: To help on my probelm.

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I'm having the same problem... I don't have the number anymore... did you get a resolution?



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