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I personally deleted my page on October 7 2020 after Facebook shadow banned me from market place, my posts and for removing Dr. Li Wenliang's letter.

According to your records you locked my account in November of 2021.

After I had deleted it. I'm now getting notifications almost daily that my recovery code has been sent. So I tried to recover the account to delete it again. But Facebook won't let me in.

There is no telephone support... for one if the largest if not the largest social media platform on earth. Well there's your sign. Zuckerberg is a cheap *** too.

Not just a shady one. I want my content removed or I want access to my account so I can remove it. Obviously either someone under Facebookz employ is trying to reactivate the account through my email. Or one of my haters is.

But they truly are one in the same. Stay out of my email. Delete my facebook or call me so I can recover the account to get all my content that you basically stole, and then I will delete my account. I would like for my account to not exist.

And to not continue to be the target of attack despite its inactive blocked status. I personally think Facebook is getting desperate.

User's recommendation: Don't bother, you will be happier with out a stupid Facebook page to show off the good time you're trying to convince your fake *** network of friends ya don't even know, that you having.

Monetary Loss: $45000.

Preferred solution: My content, and left alone. Not harrassed though the platform by their employees. .

Facebook Cons: Account deleted by user.

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