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I have not got any official reason why one person who sent me a threatening Message received no action against them. Their message contains foul language, threats, overall crazy babble.

YET FACEBOOK has banded me as many as 2-3 times. The last event went for a 1-week suspension, from their site. very-very odd, that I get banned for stating a group of people who follow trump is acting like Idiots. This leads me to believe, some staff member at Facebook, was a trump fan.

thus choose Facebook as an excuse to ban me. AGAIN, if this person, who made threats towards me, was not banded. There is no excuse for banning me for saying, Idiot. This leads me again to think, this is a form of targeting by Facebook.

And needs to be put on record, to stop this child-like tit-for-tat excuse to target certain members. I was not satisfied totally with facebook excuses and need be put on record. I have heard of this happening to other members. Listen, and felt I did not see their comment of why they were banned, but now find this as disturbing, targeting certain other members....

*** on record... a person can make threats towards

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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Facebook is harassing me for a year. I had a warning & explained they were wrong.

no ban ever only they delete my posts while typing .I am lucky to get two words finished. Post & edit is the only way to say any thing. they also change the letters & repeat words. Spellcheck quits working.

This is wrong. I am monitored 24/7.Every once in a while I can post once.

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