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-On July 11th at about 3:10 am you allowed someone to steal my fb account. That person changed my email and password.

By the time I awoke, I could not "secure" my account. My account is Grace Iavarone-Byrnes the old email was gracebyrnes@***.net. The person that took it changed the email to: shatzserpaa@***.com. I did send my driver's license to you but you denied it stating that the information didn't match.

Go figure when you allowed someone to access my account and make changes. I want my account back! I've sent my driver's license, and a copy of the email from fb security stating the password was changed at 3:18 with the person's IP address. Please contact me regarding this.

I can't believe that you would allow such a thing to happen. I expect to get my account back. I can still see my profile pic when I try to sign onto the app.

I know that other people have had this issue and you don't seem to make it easy to get in touch with you. Maybe a class action suit would get your attention!

Location: Smyrna, Georgia

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Account was hacked cannot get back in despite several attempts

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