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I have been trying to contact yous for 2 weeks email 7 month viral and no one has resolved my issues sending my ID over and over spreading it on how many people I dont like this at all this is honestly pathetic I have waited 2 weeks for a phone call from a supervisor have not received emails stating new people taking over my case daily not acceptable what so ever I just need my page connect to my Facebook me as admin and my shipping approved it has taken over 6 weeks to do so I have went to hospital last night due to the lack of communication I have received from Facebook as I have medical conditions and no one has taken my matter in consideration or seriously Im honestly over contacting Facebook I really hope I get a outcome a phone call some resolution as I have contacted Chanel 7 to be making this a story because of Facebook I am in finical hardship have lost a lot of money since yous have disconnected my shopping my anxiety medication has been higher since this situation happen with Facebook and Instagram my doctor I see weekly agrees Facebook/Instagram need to be taught a lesson ! So I will be taking yo lu to court if I do not get my issue resolved I have provided all the information tasked from colleagues I have proof of ever email I have phone record of the one phone calls I received for less than 5 mins from a supervisor after my account was disable for some in know reason I have taken alot of time out of my life to try and fix this upload personal documents and government ID so I will be very very unsatisfied if this problem does not get resolved after this email this is my last straw I have had enough of trying with such a big international platform !

AliyahBeauty I need access to my page and placed as admin again as I removed myself by accident.

And the username AliyahBeauty on Instagram as your platforms are connected I have trouble getting in contact with them reported the matter and no one has taken it seriously it bad how you try and resolved issues your help centre is useless and when I report this problem on my Facebook account I dont even get a response !

I have added several screenshot trying to contact Facebook no reply over 51 messages and no supervisor has called me

My contact number is 0451 89* ***

User's recommendation: Neve.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Sie Facebook for all my losses and anxiety attacks .

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