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It appeared legitimate at first. I did not speak to anyone, but there was a number to text. They insisted on getting paid through CashApp. I was given a Paypal address to pay through, but it would not go through. After I paid $340, $170/each for two ferret babies, I was told that I would receive shipping information. I received what appeared to be an email/invoice from the shipping company, which claimed to be affiliated with DHL on their invoice. I also received an email with the name of the shipping company "Nezah Shipping" and a confirmation number so that I could "track" my "package." A short time later I received an email from what claimed to be the shipping company demanding $600 for cargo insurance (that they claimed was refundable on receipt of the package) or they would not deliver the package. I was told that this was because the insurance was $300 per ferret and I ordered two, so the fee for me was $600. I subsequently received several other emails from the "shipping" company and two of the emails that I received were blank when I tried to open the email. When I tried to reply to the email my email was returned as non-deliverable.

Later, I started receiving harassing texts from the seller and/or shipping company (who I suspect were the same person) insinuating that I was putting the life of these ferrets (the cargo) in jeopardy by not paying the "insurance. The texts that I continued to receive lasted several days and became increasingly harassing and threatening. Some of the texts that I received made the following statements: "You are not the only one involved in this", "They have to reach you by tomorrow", "The ferrets will die", "Do you really need your ferrets" , "Your ferret is crying", "It just killed a cat", "I will take you to court" , and "Your going down."

I made reports to my local law enforcement, the FBI Internet Crimes Complaint Center, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Florida Attorney General (the state in which I live). As I coninued to look into "Albino Ferret Lovers" I found several other sites on Facebook that appeared to belong to the same individual(s) running the same scam. These pages repeated the same photos as those on "Albino Ferret Lovers" and, again, only offered a phone number to text. One of the pictures listed on one of the other Facebook pages was the same picture that had been texted to me that I was told was the "mama" of the ferrets I was purchasing.

Some of these other Facebook pages that appear to be from the same *** include the following:

Albino Ferret Lovers (the one that got me)

Adorable Ferret for Sale Near Me

Something About Rare Ferrets for Sale at Great Prices (It is In Russian)

Exotic Ferrets for Adoption

Adorable Ferrets for Adoption Near Me

Adorable Ferret Pets for Sale Near Me

Very Cute Ferret Pets for Sale in My Area

Ferret Pets for Sale

What is really bad is that I was scammed by someone who has a (or several) Facebook pages, all from the same jerk scamming. Facebook makes it nearly impossible to report this. There is no email where you can directly make a report to someone at Facebook. There is no customer service where you can call and speak to someone directly at Facebook. All I found when I do internet searches is posting something in the Facebook "community" and/or ask a question of other Facebook users. Then, when I started going on these Facebook sites and making comments about what these people were doing, telling others to be careful, it is a scam, my Facebook account got suspended because I was told that it did not meet Facebook "standards." So Facebook will allow someone who is opening scamming people with a fake Facebook page(s) to continue the illicit activity, make it nearly impossible to report the illicit activity to them, and suspend you for alerting others to the scam.

I get scammed and suspended from Facebook for not meeting the "standards", but the people committing fraud with a fake Facebook page are allowed to continue.

Great quality control Mark Zuckerberg. It is great that you are a billionaire, but I am a teacher who just got scammed $340 from someone with a fake Facebook page. $340 may be pocket change to you, but not to me. And because I technically "authorized" the charge (even though it turned out to be a scam) my bank is fighting my claim for this purchase, which was made transferring money from my Visa card.

I just wanted people to be aware of this ***

User's recommendation: Beware of these people and do your research.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Profile.

Monetary Loss: $540.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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