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Was suspended for 7 days for something that didn't even really matter for making a comment on a video which is ridiculous and the comment had no threat towards anybody wasn't like I was going to do anything this is starting to get ridiculous I'm about ready to find another page and take all my pictures off Facebook and delete all my whole Facebook account cuz you're starting to get ridiculous it wasn't even nothing bad if a guy was in the parking lot stalking me and follow me to my car and make it a threat towards me of course I would have made a comment about it it wasn't like I'm going to get out of the car and actually kill the guy come on that's ridiculous it was a video I've seen more stuff on Facebook than what I just suspended for this is nuts no because Facebook is getting

User's recommendation: No they suspend me for something stupid but I see more stuff on Facebook then I'm stupid comment that I made now this is nuts.

Preferred solution: I like you to unsuspend me it was a stupid comment it wasn't even nothing bad and it wasn't no threat.

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