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I was accused of bullying by someone who won't reveal their identity on the Guitar Addicts group. I have no idea if it was an admin or if the algorithm got me because the guy I had directed my response to and I were having a pleasant conversation.

He basically said that he'd come to my post to give a "shout out" to his favorite brand of bass guitars.

Of course there's nothing wrong with that! At all! And he showed a picture of his bass after his response. So I wrote "You dog, you.

Haha! That's a nice bass." That's it!

So someone turned it in for bullying.

As you know, Facebook's policies are EXTREMELY woke identity politics-driven. For this reason, I believe I've been singled out as they have issued a warning to me this morning that another "violation will result in account restrictions".

I have no idea who did this, but it's likely their motivation is not too hard to figure out.

User's recommendation: Say what you need to say. Period. Facebook (sorry. "Meta") has absolutely no right to limit your free speech. None whatsoever.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Hindman, Kentucky

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