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Well i didnt nothing wrong to anyone on facebook which my account had been disabled for over one year coz one person who reported my fb page for no reasons he have mental health issues talk rubbish and stirrings so my brother in law help and supporting me by writing a letter to facebook way in usa which havnt heard from them so i have lots of close friend who passed away memories on my friendlist, lots of 10 years of photos of my son family, friends. So i have made 19th facebook accounts and emails which it had been reported for no reasons. Im really depressed wanted my Facebook account back on track i have no friends to talk to i have over 400 friends on my facebook i really really wanted it back please help

Thank you

Rhys metcalf

Merry xmas

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Account.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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Try Googling "FBI Internet Crime complaint center" and making an official report about your hacked Facebook account. Facebook doesn't care to even provide a BOT that can take complaints like this. It's horrible!

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