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I received an email from a suspicious source saying that someone with an iPhone was trying to log into my Facebook account. I just wanted to report this and send you the pictures that I took of the email but obviously you don't care or you have staff to answer questions I don't care about covid people can talk on a phone at home Facebook has been a major disappointment to the last couple years step it up.

Everything has to be so complicated I don't know why you can't have people on a chat or a telephone God forbid.

I just have a right to know who's trying to use my phone and from where are my account I don't have an iPhone I've never had an iPhone I'll never have an iPhone so I know this wasn't me and I'm worried about your security so please respond to my concerns and have a great day. And maybe to find these people they keep hacking stuff and stop them how do they get my information anyway my privacy settings are set on Facebook so that only my friends can see it so it's obviously somebody I know and I want to know who it is.

Thank you

User's recommendation: Don't get Facebook.

Preferred solution: I want to know who or where this iPhone was when it tried to log into my account I do not have an iPhone and nor does anyone I know..

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