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I was contacted by a lady who asked me if I needed extra money I said shark don't we all then she proceeded to tell me about a government grant she don't have to pay back and it's just a really good thing to do so I said alright have get a hold of me so about 20 minutes went by and a gentleman called me I have his name I have is is I have all his information and hers and he asked me my name my address my date of birth where I was born and yeah that was a guest of 5 questions then after all of that he said you're approved send $500 and I would get 50,000 send $800 I would get a hundred and twenty thousand and it went on and on and on where it went all the way up to send $3,000 and you would get 450,000 when I asked a man for the name of his company he asked why I should just so I can check you out through the better business bureau he said if you do that I have to disqualify you right away so I said you are a scam and I know it and he started calling me names and said well there's nothing I can do about it I have everything that both parties sent me so I want to report it and I would like to have somebody call me so I can talk to a human about this is there scamming people out of thousands of dollars maybe with all the evidence that I have you can catch them my name is Leonard Gordon my email is l l e e b r o o que e e number 4 at my phone number is 180* ***-**** you can call me anytime day or night and all and I just got out of the hospital after being in there a month I had throat surgery cuz I have I had cancer while I still have it I didn't get it all but that's besides the point I would like to talk to someone about this I didn't send no money but like I said the minute I said I wanted to check them out in the better business bureau the guy just freaked out said if you do that I'm disqualifying you and then I told him that I'm that I did it and he disqualified me and he's been just all kinds of stuff over face over on Facebook so I want to let everybody know about them and please get in touch with me and thank you and and I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow and wonderful night tonight thank you

Preferred solution: I don't want anyting I didn't send no money I just want somebody to get in contact with me so I can explain this better.

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