Facebook blocks my account, says there was 'unusual activity' on my account so they blocked it. Facebook then says to photograph my ID and send it to them via app on mobile phone.Facebook FAILS to realize that not everyone has a cell phone!..I don't own a mobile phone so that's out.

Even if i take a picture and put it on my computer, Facebook utterly FAILS to say what exact address to send it to. Finally I find the 'customer service' phone number only to find out that it FAILS to even operate. So I thought I'd open up a new fresh account, which I did. On this new account I only posted a picture of a hot rod and a picture of my face.

Two days later facebook cancels my new account because they say I violated their nebulus vague community standards! How is this even possible???

and of course Facebook FAILS to explain. always vague, always aloof, your Facebook customer relations SUCK so bad, and to whoever might read this, you know its True.

Location: Ashburn, Virginia

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