Hello, my name is Essence Roberson and I am the Public Relations chair for my schools', Valparaiso University, Alpha Phi Omega chapter. I am reaching out to you because I have been having some troubles with this page, and I can't seem to fix it.

Originally the Instagram page and Facebook page disconnected and I am no longer able to post on Facebook through Instagram. Then I have tried to log in to the page on my computer, but it keeps saying there is no Facebook page connected to our email. The previous PR is the one who connected me, so I'm not sure if she did something different, but I do know that she says my personal Facebook password logs me into the APO account.

I am still logged in on my phone, but I am scared to log out because I don't know if I will get back in. Can someone please assist me with this issue, and help me fix it so that this will be easier for future PR's.

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