I was hacked twice on my account. I have shown all my information about me and who I am to you guys.

I have sent check stubs, birth certificate, my medical insurance card, my old expired ID and my updated ID. I also have sent my address with a closed envelope that has my name on there. Im getting notifications but I cannot login it says that it needs to be fixed. Every time I try to show identification I seen its not me or you cannot read it.

Im not understanding why Im not able to get in. Someone needs to contact me so I can get back into my account and enjoy Facebook again. I am missing out with the groups that Im in and I have missed so many holiday events. Im in a group with 49ers and San Antonio, with the Down sydrome association and so much more in the San Antonio community.

What do I have to do to get back into my account or figure it out how to make this easy for me.

I need someone to call me. 210-445-****

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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