April 4,2022 my page was hacked my email was changed and password I sent my photo ID with my name, photo and birthday on it but on my page my name is Antoinette Williams and on my background it have a picture of a cake with a Remy bottle on the cake with my cousin picture on it and i have pictures to prove that's my page and I have my name like that for a reason because I work with patients, and they know my government name so I use my middle name. I'm asking for help to get my page back the person that hacked my page is inboxing my friends and family and asking them for they cash app so he can *** they page and the person who is doing it change my email address to: ado90090outlook.com and that's not my email address he/she changed it from my Gmail account address: msantoinette2781@***.com to that outlook.

so if you can please help me recovery my page. but if you still deny me page I will have to take legal matter against Facebook.

Location: The Bronx, New York

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