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What the *** is your problem Facebook. I have tried everything to get you *** to help me get my account back and at every step, you *** find a way not to help a brother.

I didnt want to be disrespectful but *** you people. At this point youve shown me that yall dont give a *** if I got hacked or not. So Im just here to talk *** about how *** up your policies are you *** idiots. *** you and *** your family, and *** your dog if youve got one.

Im here trying everything for a week and you *** cant send me an email or actually pick up the phone or nothing. Da *** am I supposed to do then. Just let this hacker keep pretending theyre me and sending people to sites where theyre also going to get hacked. Are you *** people ok with hackers doing that on your platform?

Well whatever, go *** yourselves then if thats the case. Stupid ***

User's recommendation: *** your future customers... eat a ***.

Preferred solution: I would like to get my *** account back, Jesus *** Christ. Help me get my *** account back..

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